Friday, December 9, 2011

The Speech that Will Change the Whole World (Listen Carefully!)

On December 6 at Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her inspirational speech about human rights. After heard her speech, I just want to say: Mrs Clinton, your speech hit the nail on the head! I think everybody here need to hear it. I agree with you, Mrs. Clinton, when you said laws must change first in order of fear of change to dissipate. My absolute favorite part of your speech is when you invite people to step into the shoes of others, and I quote: "How would it feel if it were a crime to love the person I love? How would it feel to be discriminated against for something about myself that I cannot change?"

Once again, Mrs. Clinton, I want to say thank you so much for your concern to this urgent and impactful message and for express it in such a public forum. 

Let's take this huge push that Mrs. Clinton just gave us with her speech and let's role with it!

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