Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unite Against Gun Misusing

First of all, let me send my thoughts and prayers for the victim of Colorado mass shooting. May God help them through it all and hope the police could arrest the culprit as soon as possible. Frankly saying, I didn’t know what to say when I first learned a mass shooting occurred in a movie in Aurora, Colorado. I thought it’s just ridiculous, I mean what James Holmes –a man who suspected to be the culprit had in his mind when he shot dozens innocent people. We all just so tired with this kind of people, evil who exist and haunted the peace in the world. Why they do it to us? Are we can’t even feel safe in public places now?

Even though this tragedy happened in USA (and I’m an Indonesian), I feel so angry when this terrorism happened for another countless time. This is all about human’s life. We’ve had enough with guns misusing. I think this is the right time for us to limit the ownership of private guns and make a more conscientious law and regulations over gun trade. We can’t leave over some armed-psychopaths hanging around in the streets, we don’t want our family, friends, kids, or neighbors go outside and then got shot just like a deer in the forest.

All I want to say is if we care and if we’re a true human being (the one and only creature gifted mind), just stop using your gun to solve whatever your problem. And if we take a closer look, we can’t deny that this tragedy was happened because a more macro field, which is state also uses gun to get what it wants. Everlasting Middle East conflict just a simple instance. So let’s come together as human being, as citizen of the world to make a better place.

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