Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Controversial Poster

Academy Award nominee Jean Dujardin might be worried because of the news spreading about him. It was all began when his brand new French-movie-poster released a couple days ago which claimed by many as degrading image of women. The controversial movie poster entitled Les Infideles showing Dujardin holds a woman's legs in the inverted position. Stephanie Martin, chief of French Advertising Standard Board (ARPP) said that the poster placed women as sexual object. ARPP reported they received 4 complaints from the public that offended by the poster.

L'Express put a question: "Would the Infideles poster scandal hamper Dujardin's chance to Oscar on 26 February?"
As we know Dujardin recently won a Golden Globe for his role in The Artist, which received high compliment among film critics. The Artist nominated for 10 categories in Academy Awards which will be held on 26 February.

Well for me even though the poster is indeed disgraceful (I think this poster deliberately spoke women as second class citizen) the Academy judges pay a little attention to out-screen issues, and in my opinion that would be fair because the judging process for an award should only concern on the film that was nominated.

Any comments?

Source: Metro TV news

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